This Wednesday, December 6th, Hawkeye #13, written by Kelly Thompson with Leonardo Romero on art, hits newsstands, the first installment of “Family Reunion” and the return of wise-acre and original Hawkeye Clint Barton. Kate and Clint together again? What gods did we please? Check out these preview pages that Marvel was kind enough to share!

HAWKEYE #13 cover

HAWKEYE #13 page 1

HAWKEYE #13 page 2

HAWKEYE #13 page 3

HAWKEYE #13 page 4

HAWKEYE #13 page 5

HAWKEYE #13 page 6

Since the debut issue of Hawkeye, Thompson and Romero have taken Kate Bishop, who was already an intriguing, well-rounded character, and added so many new layers of depth and nuance to her. Thompson seems to have an innate idea how to balance the funnies and the weighty moments perfectly; the book is never not joyful, but that’s never at the expense of the drama, and vice versa. Romero is the perfect complement to Thompson, with a style that feels at once noir-ish, action-packed, and sharing DNA with a mid-1900s alternative comic book aesthetic (which I mean in the best way possible). It’s an unexpected amalgam, but it works extraordinarily well.

Oh, and did we mention that we get to see Kate and Clint banter again? Because we get to see Kate and Clint banter again!

Hawkeye #13, written by Kelly Thompson with Leonardo Romero on art, is on sale Wednesday, December 6th, from Marvel Comics.

From the official issue description:

FAMILY REUNION! Can L.A. really handle TWO HAWKEYES? Just as Kate reaches out to ask for Clint’s help with finding her dead mother, Clint shows up needing help of his own. An unknown party is gunning for him and it kicks off a chase across Los Angeles with two Hawkeyes trying to stay one step ahead, fully alive, and with minimal property damage…well, okay, with moderate property damage. Re-united and it feels so good!