This Wednesday, November 1st, Old Man Logan #30, written by Ed Brisson with Mike Deodato, Jr., hits newsstands, the conclusion of “Days of Anger.” Things are getting all sorts of dicey in a showdown between Logan and Hawkeye and the Hulk Gang. Wolverine versus Hulks, plural? Get ready for all of the carnage! Check out these preview pages that Marvel was kind enough to share!

OLD MAN LOGAN #30 cover

OLD MAN LOGAN #30 page 1

OLD MAN LOGAN #30 page 2

OLD MAN LOGAN #30 page 3

OLD MAN LOGAN #30 page 4

Brisson has been on the scene for a while now, dazzling in such books as Iron FistBullseye, and Cable, bringing gripping characterization and novel story arcs in each title, with Old Man Logan being no exception. The man is a machine. Paired with Deodato’s consistently tight, dynamic art, and Old Man Logan is one of the safest bets for an engaging comic romp each and every month.

Old Man Logan #30, written by Ed Brisson with Mike Deodato, Jr. on art, the conclusion of “Days of Anger,” goes on sale this Wednesday, November 1st, from Marvel Comics.

From the official issue description:

“DAYS OF ANGER” CONCLUDES! MAESTRO has played his hand. LOGAN and HAWKEYE may be in over their heads. Can a defector from Maestro’s camp save them all?