This Wednesday, February 14th, Ragman #5, written by Ray Fawkes with linework by Inaki Miranda, and colors by Eva de la Cruz, hits newsstands, with Ragman reeling from dealing with Frank Jr.’s demonic possession and the impending of Z’Dargill and his forces descending on Gotham City. Oh, and we have some Etrigan the Demon thrown in for good measure! Woo hoo! (I mean, not “Woo hoo!” for Gotham, but “Woo hoo! for readers. You know why we woo hoo.) Check out these exclusive preview pages that DC Comics was kind enough to share!

RAGMAN #5 cover

RAGMAN #5 page 1

RAGMAN #5 page 2

RAGMAN #5 page 3

RAGMAN #5 page 4

RAGMAN #5 page 5

RAGMAN #5 page 6

Miranda’s linework is always just gorgeous, but what I always coming back to is the redesign of Ragman, one that honors the past while making the character alternately heroic and creepy as Hell. Of course, de la Cruz has an innate sense of how to bathe Miranda’s lines with hues that bolster the atmosphere already there on the page. And just as he did with Gotham by Midnight, Fawkes continues to show how to eke out the creepier parts of the DCU like a the skilled magician he is.

Ragman #5, written by Ray Fawkes with linework by Inaki Miranda, and colors by Eva de la Cruz, goes on sale Wednesday, February 14th, from DC Comics.

From the official issue description:

As Ragman tries to get Mandy and Frank Jr. to safety, Frank Jr.’s possession allows for the leader of the demonic invasion in Gotham to finally arrive…Z’Dargill! Ragman is out of time, and with all of the players finally out in the open, Ragman can only trust one person to save the city…himself. The final battle for the souls of the innocent begins here!