We’ve known for a while the marquee players who’ll be bringing Simba, Mufasa, and their friends and foes back to the big screen in the CGI remake of The Lion King next year. From the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa to newcomers to the Lion King world such as Donald Glover, Beyonce, and John Oliver, this has been one of the most highly anticipated films of 2019. And now, with the first teaser trailer that Disney just dropped, we see that our excitement has not been unfounded.

Yes, the trailer is an almost shot-by-shot remake of the original introduction of the first Lion King cartoon, but tell us seeing scenes such as Rafiki spreading red powder on a baby Simba’s brow or the animals assembling at Pride Rock doesn’t give you chills.

Hopefully, we’ll get more teases between now and July 19, 2019 when The Lion King hits theaters.

In the meantime, check out the introduction to the original film and see for yourself how much the new footage syncs up!