Comic book adaptations to the screen—both big and small—are largely dominated by tales of superhero bombast, with only a few exceptions smattered about here and there. And while those stories are all kinds of entertaining, there’s a whole world of comic book yarns that going beyond costumed characters duking it out.

Case in point: Sweet Tooth, the DC Comics/Vertigo comic book by Jeff Lemire. On June 4th, Netflix will debut a series based on the beautiful, moving story Lemire has created. Sweet Tooth focuses on Gus (portrayed by Christian Convery), a deer-human hybrid boy who attempts to navigate the world after a virus has ravage much of humanity. Mostly isolated much of his life, Gus must now attempt to survive a world that fears and hates him and other animal-human hybrids after “The Great Crumble,” which ushered in, in part, the hybrids in the first place. In order to survive, Gus travels with Tommy Jepperd (Nonso Anozie), who provides the young boy protection. Take a look at the trailer that just dropped:

Sweet Tooth will be a bit different than most post-apocalyptic fare, according to executive producer, writer, director, and co-showrunner Jim Mickle:

“We wanted to make a show that offers escape and adventure, where nature is reclaiming the world and in many ways it feels like a fairytale. SWEET TOOTH is a new kind of dystopian story, it’s very lush and hopeful. We want people to come into this world where there’s beauty and hope and adventure. This is a sweeping story — we ride on trains, climb mountaintops, run through forests. This is a show about what makes a family, what home really means, and why it’s important to keep faith in humanity.”

Sweet Tooth, which also has Susan Downey and Robert Downey, Jr. as executive producers and also stars Will Forte, debuts June 4th on Netflix. Also be sure to take a gander at these pics that from the series that the streaming service just dropped!