They’re at it again. Those wacky modders and their never ending lust of hacking away each line of code bit by bit until a game is virtually unrecognizable from the source material. This time it’s GTA V that’s getting an overhaul of the first person variety.

Modder XBoxToothPick has made it possible to delve behind the eyes of GTA V‘s three antiheroes. Check out some of the videos demonstrating the new perspective.

If wobbly punching and shooting isn’t your bag, then maybe you’d prefer to watch how driving and flying works with the mod.

Pretty neat, yeah? The game seems to react much better when behind the wheel than gunning down hapless citizens. Definitely sign me up for anything that lets be jump into the cockpit of a jet.

That said, I’m not sure I’d ever what to try this out a GTA V first person mod. GTA controls decently enough as catch-all sandbox but some of the awkward animations and lack of proper DOF would just drive me insane. Perhaps these modders will work to even out some of the wonky mechanics inherent to FPSes and create something that looks playable. Of course, the PC version – releasing later this year – should open the floodgates for all sorts of modding shenanigans.