Unless you’re a Communist who hates our country, most people love Halloween. It’s a time of year where it’s okay to embrace the macabre or dress up as a demonic serial killer without anyone turning you in to human resources. However, as with anything, there are some folks who love-love Halloween, so much so that they made the leap and had their favorite holiday-inspired image tattooed on their flesh. We combed the Internetz and found our top 10 favorite Halloween tattoos for you to look at with your eye-holes. (Assuming, that is, you still have eyes. Hear-tell is that a demon spawn named Occulus the Unholy is out there snatching eyeballs while people sleep. Be mindful, folks.)

Halloween Logo


Have a lasting memory of your own sibling issues with this constant reminder that sometimes you can’t just talk out your problems. [Photo courtesy of: Sticky Pictures. Maybe.]

Jack Skellington


Hey, look, a tattoo from Tim Burton’s best movie! Yes, I’m including Batman. Please send me your hate mail. It only makes me stronger. [Photo courtesy of: Skullspiration. Maybe.]

The Wolf Man


I love this homage to Lon Chaney Jr.’s portrayal of the man cursed with lycanthropy. Almost makes me forget that awful Benicio Del Toro remake. Almost. [Photo courtesy of: Tattoo Now. Maybe.]

 It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


We still believe in the Great Pumpkin, Linus! Don’t let Sally distract you! Keep vigilant! [Photo courtesy of: Check Out My Ink. Maybe.]

Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Gary Oldman Edition


Nothing says commitment than getting Gary Oldman’s decrepit Dracula inked on your body for all eternity. Shoplifting Winona Ryder not included. [Photo courtesy of: SteveWimmer.com. Maybe.]



Gremlins are an offense to the Lord Thy God, but even I have to admit that the detail in this Mogwai tattoo is remarkable. Not strictly a Halloween tattoo, but included for sheer awesomeness. [Photo courtesy of: MTV Geek. Maybe.]



The bearer of this Halloween mural laughs at your $500 costumes and gaudy decorations. Do you have the grit and the commitment to be a walking shrine to all things Samhain like this person? [Photo courtesy of: Mental Floss. Maybe.]

Monster Mash!


Okay, everyone, pack up. Nobody loves the Universal Pictures monster movies more than this guy. Seriously, let’s all just quit now. The Frankenstein monster in particular is phenomenal. [Photo courtesy of: Rotten E-Cards. Maybe.]

Freddy Krueger


Personally, I think getting a tattoo of the image of a fictional character who can infect your dreams is tempting fate, but I still have to admit that this tattoo is killer. Puns! [Photo courtesy of: Tatuaze Wzory. Maybe.]

Jason Voorhees


No Halloween tattoo round-up would be complete without a Friday the 13th themed image. Of course, I hope this tattoo isn’t placed in such a way that it stares and judges the owner’s every immoral action. Because no. [Photo courtesy of: Tattoos Time. Maybe.]

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