“Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on YOU?!”

I ask myself that very question every single day– and I never have a proper response. Here’s hoping that Hulk Hogan never decides I’m in need of violence. Of course, maybe if he saw the way I fawned over his recently-released Defining Moments action figure from Mattel, he’d stay his hand and I wouldn’t need to feel the wrath of those pythons. (For those not in the know, that’s what Hogan calls his biceps. Scary.) Anyway, he came back to the WWE last year, so now we have an amazing new Hulk Hogan action figure to add to the collection…and I have an amazing new review of that very same Hulk Hogan action figure. How convenient!

Check out the video above let us know what you think, or just chat about wrestling. Whichever.

Video shot, edited, and leg-dropped by: Tyler Whitaker