Leeanne Krecic has always been a busy, prolific creator, and her schedule has gotten a whole lot busier–in a good way.

At this year’s New York Comic-ConKrecic had a bevy of announcements for fans of her work, particularly her wildly popular Let’s Play webcomic. Her previously three Kickstarters with Rocketship Entertainment to bring her work to print have been incredibly successful, and the current campaign for Volume 4 has met its goal several times over. At NYCC, she revealed to her fans that the webcomic will return in 2025 and that Let’s Play merch is on the way. Further, fans of the series will get to set their eyes on a brand-new anime series produced by OLM! Adding to her docket is a new webcomic in the works called Dragon King Oath, which will be vastly different than anything we’ve seen from her yet.

Busy and prolific–but in a very good way, for both her and her fans.

We spoke with Leeanne Krecic recently about the Kickstarter for Let’s Play Volume 4, the announcement of the Let’s Play anime series, her upcoming webcomic Dragon King Oath, collaborating with BIOWORLD to create Let’s Play merchandise, and what stokes her creative fires.

FreakSugar: For folks who might not be familiar with the series, what can you tell us about Let’s Play?

Leeanne Krecic: Let’s Play is a romantic comedy webcomic centered on Sam Young, a budding indie game developer. After releasing her debut game online, it attracted the attention of Marshall Law, a prominent internet personality and Let’s Player. He delivers a harsh critique of her game, leading his vast fanbase to tarnish her professional reputation overnight. And by the end of the first chapter, we learn that Marshall is moving into the apartment next door to Sam.



FS: A lot of big news came out of NYCC, including an anime series of Let’s Play being produced by OLM. First, congratulations! Can you tell us the process behind making this a reality?

LK: It took a lot of work by all parties involved. I think everyone is really excited about this development and wants it to be the best it can be. This has all been a new process for me, and it has been a great learning experience.

FS: Can you tell us anything about the collaboration between you and OLM? What have the talks been like during the process?

LK: I’ve been sent a few character designs, and I’m really excited with what I’ve seen thus far. I’m looking forward to seeing more!



FS: More Let’s Play new out of NYCC: The webcomic is returning in 2025! That has to be gratifying.

LK: I’m eagerly anticipating my return to the comic. I’ve missed illustrating the crew and delving into the story. With the return, I plan to incorporate more gaming references and give the supporting cast a spotlight.

FS: You also have news of Let’s Play merchandise coming from BIOWORLD. What has the collaboration process been like? What kind of merch are you aiming to offer?

LK: BIOWORLD has been fantastic to work with. They approached me enthusiastically about merchandise for Let’s Play, and I’m eager to see the collaborative ideas we’ll develop as a team. I plan to design new assets for merchandise, allowing their creative team to bring their unique touch to the table.

I look forward to seeing various products, from apparel and hats to backpacks and other fun items.



FS: Yet another announcement out of NYCC has to do with a new webcomic outside the Let’s Play universe: You have a new comic, Dragon King Oath, coming to Manta next year. What can you tell us about that?

LK: Dragon King Oath is a tale of romance between a princess and a dragon, bound together by an age-old pact. Initially resistant to their circumstances, they must navigate their differences and confront deep-seated prejudices. Through a journey of personal growth and self-discovery, they pave a new way forward for both their races, altering the destiny of humans and dragons alike.



FS: Dragon King Oath sounds like an immersive world filled with a menagerie of characters. What can you tell us about who we’ll meet?

  • LK: Princess Lisette Wylgerent: Is a strong, proud, and confident woman, a born leader who always stood up for what she believed in. Her unwavering sense of justice and empathy for her people earned her the admiration of the kingdom.
  • Raith Dragonkin of Lorekeep: Perceived as an outcast among his kin, Raith’s unique heritage limits him from some of the typical characteristics of dragons. However, this anomaly makes him a formidable magic user, with abilities surpassing any other dragon. He wishes to remain undisturbed in his castle with its massive library and his hoard of precious books.
  • The ‘Ert Family (Vert & Fertie): The kobolds are employed at the castle to cater to the Princess’s needs upon her arrival. These small and quirky creatures are fiercely loyal, striving to ensure the Princess (and dragon) is pleased with their services.
  • Grumblesnoot: This long-haired cat has an independent streak. He cares not for anyone else’s personal space, personal property, or personal feelings. Ensuring his needs are met is his only interest.

FS: What kind of creative muscles will Dragon Oath King allow you to flex that you might not get to with Let’s Play?

LK: I’m captivated by the medieval period, particularly when merging real-world elements with fantasy. I enjoy envisioning how mythical creatures, such as dragons, would exist in reality. In my DKO universe, for instance, dragons are lactose intolerant! It’s these unique details that bring me so much joy to imagine.



FS: Has the creative process been different than what you’ve experienced with Let’s Play?

LK: The characters in Let’s Play exist in the real world and there’s no concept of magic. In many ways, DKO reminds me of the time when Let’s Play centered on the in-comic game Ruminate. However, the overall process, including character designs, asset creation, and software setup, remains consistent. The most distinctive aspect has been the research. My favorite part.

FS: On to the Kickstarter, the campaign for Let’s Play Volume 4 has already reached its funding goal several times over. Every one of your campaigns so far have well succeeded their initial goals. What does it feel like to have that kind of reception to your work?

LK: It’s heartening to see continued support for creators and appreciation for their titles. When I was first approached to convert my webcomic into a book, I doubted the demand. However, the success of Let’s Play‘s first print proved me wrong. Since then, several other titles have been published, indicating a growing recognition of this industry’s potential.



FS: What kind of rewards can we expect in the Kickstarter?

LK: I’m thrilled with the cover of the Gamer Edition for this volume, inspired by the first-generation Pokémon Gameboy box art! For our naughty tier, we offer an adult coloring book and a novel titled Let’s Play: After Dark by Riley Noble, featuring titillating tales about the Let’s Play cast. Additionally, plushies and other fan favorites from previous campaigns are available as add-ons to your pledge! There are only a few days left, so those interested had better act fast!

FS: You have so many irons in the fire. How do you keep your creative fires stoked?

LK: That’s an intriguing question. I posed the same to my peers at San Diego Comic-Con this year. The best advice I received was to revisit reading comics, which initially sparked my passion for the medium. After starting full-time on Let’s Play, I took a hiatus from comics due to time constraints. However, I’m now dedicated to diving back in. Currently, I’m reading Spy x Family, Witch Hat Atelier, Delicious Dungeon, and Kimi ni Todoke.

FS: If you had any words you would want to say to your fans, what would you say?

LK: Thank you for your patience regarding the return of Let’s Play. I understand the lengthy wait, but I’m optimistic about the story’s upcoming developments. Your continued support means a lot, and I’m eager to share my new work with you soon.

As of press time, the Kickstarter for Let’s Play Volume 4 has surpassed its initial goal over 23 TIMES, with just over a day left in the campaign! Make sure to check out the campaign to get your own copy and get in on the backer rewards! And stay tuned to FreakSugar for more news on Leeanne Krecic’s projects!