With season 2 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, based on the Marvel comic book series Alias by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos, hitting Netflix in just under a month, the streaming service has just released a new trailer to whet our whistles. If the footage is any indication, life isn’t getting any easier for the surly, super-powered do-gooder and owner of Alias Investigations since when last we saw her in season 1 and in Defenders. In addition to still dealing with breaking free from the machinations of the Purple Man in the first season, Jessica begins digging into her past; specifically, the accident that gave her her powers and robbed her family of their lives.

Add to that Jess trying to stave off an attempt from a new character to wrench control of her detective agency and the police arresting her–again–and things don’t look too rosy for the hateful hero with a soft heart.

Oh, and it looks like the Purple Man isn’t exactly totally gone. Damn, Jessica. You need a vacation. Or a drink.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 2 premieres March 8th on Netflix.