It’s hard to believe that Jon Stewart has largely been away from the public eye since he left Comedy Central as host of The Daily Show nearly a year-and-a-half ago. In many ways, it’s been longer. While his comedic heirs apparent—Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver—as well as Late Night host Seth Meyers have taken up the baton to provide political commentary in a poignant and humorous way since Stewart’s departure, his absence has left a noticeable void in the talk show landscape. Stewart’s righteous anger and weary exasperation became a hallmark of The Daily Show, one that audiences looked to as a way to stay informed and to reaffirm that they’re not crazy in noticing when the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

Well, Uncle Jon can only stay silent for so long before needing to call out the ridiculous, returning to Late Show with Stephen Colbert to target current United States President and Cautionary Tale of the Dangers of Spray-on Tans Donald Trump on his propensity to lie to the American people. Calling out Trump for only admonishing reporters and decrying news reports that don’t paint him a favorable light, Stewart clearly was having a good time and maybe was a little relieved; every valve needs to be turned to release pressure on occasion, after all. (Colbert even asked, “You miss it, don’t you?”)

But Trump wasn’t the only target in Stewart’s sights. He also took the opportunity to speak directly to the media, who has been a constant object of scorn since Trump before took office, only becoming more vitriolic once he assumed the presidency. Rather than lament Trump’s words or becoming hurt that he bans certain media outlets from press briefings, Stewart urged reporters to use that indignation to press Trump on his deceit whenever it arises.

We miss you, Jon. Come back soon!