The comic and cartoon industry is becoming an increasingly crowded field more and more each year, with writers and illustrators struggling to make their visions seen and voices heard. LINE Webtoon, the online comic distribution service, understands that struggle and, to that end, the company is offering a contest for the next big talent to have a chance to be heard.

LINE Webtoon has launched the Science Fiction Comics Contest that will give the winner the opportunity to run original art and content on the site, as well as earn a huge cash sum of $30,000 and become a regular artist with LINE Webtoon. The Korean-based company recently expanded to U.S. shores last year and this contest is part of LINE Webtoon’s big push to expand its stable of artists and partners. The first runner-up will win a pot of ten-grand, while both winners and the third and fourth place artists will have the chance to work with the company.

Want to enter? Here are the deets, as the kids say:

  • The contest is open now through July 7th, so get a’hopping!
  • You must enter at least three (3) original digital comics to the Webtoon contest entry page, but be prepped with more comics in the event you make it past the preliminary round.
  • Gotta be at least 14-years-old to enter. Sorry, wunderkind artists, 13-year-olds and younger can’t apply. Maybe next year.
  • While this is a global contest, the entries must be in English.

The Science Fiction Comics Contest has four rounds and will be judged based on audience feedback, audience engagement, and critiques from the LINE Webtoon staff. If making it past the preliminary round, contestants will be expected to provide a new comic each week. The grand-prize winner and runners-up will be announced on August 5th.

Maybe I should enter with my own comic and say adios to this FreakSugar business. An idea: talking evergreen trees who hate Christmas and only celebrate Halloween and Arbor Day. And the main character’s dad was a lumberjack. And his girlfriend is a carpenter. And he has a peppy raccoon as a sidekick. And they go on space adventures. Wait, I think I’m sliding into Guardians of the Galaxy territory. I think I’ll leave the digital comics to folks with original ideas.

Be sure to check out the full details for the LINE Webtoon Science Fiction Comics Contest here! Get cracking! The preliminary deadline is July 7th.

[Full disclosure: LINE Webtoon Head of Content Tom Akel is also a founding member of FreakSugar.]

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