For the past several years, writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman have been guiding the stories of Jane Foster as she grew into her role as the Mighty Thor after the original found himself unworthy of the mantle and wielding the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. Along the way, Jane has battled threats to Asgardia and Earth, as well as struggled with the progression of her cancer.

That cancer has now affected her superheroics. As revealed in the current “The Death of Mighty Thor” story arc, if Jane uses Mjolnir to transform into Thor one more time, her transformation will result in her death. However, with the danger of the Mangog already laying waste to Asgardia and with no end to his rampage in sight, Jane will have to decide if she’ll pick up the hammer one final time, even if that act means her death.

Marvel has just shared preview pages of March’s Mighty Thor #705, the final part of “The Death of Mighty Thor.” Get your tissues ready… and prepare to be inspired.

Mighty Thor #705 goes on sale on March 21st from Marvel.

From the official press release:

THE DEATH OF THE MIGHTY THOR nears its end as the creative team of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman bring you an epic showdown that has been years in the making. And for the first time, Marvel is excited to reveal inks from Dauterman showing off the start of the spectacular conclusion.

The world of Mighty Thor and Odinson has been turned upside down, literally and figuratively — the Mangog’s attack on Asgardia has left the realm, and the gods who inhabit it, decimated. And the Mangog isn’t done yet! While Odinson’s responsibility is to protect his people, Mighty Thor must make a choice: fight Mangog by picking up Mjolnir – which guarantees that Jane Foster will perish – or watch the world fall.

There is no choice…

Prepare yourself as Jane Foster picks up Mjolnir one last time in MIGHTY THOR #705, and witness the death of a hero!


Written by JASON AARON


FOC – 2/26/18, On-Sale – 3/21/18