Comic creator Matt Kindt (Ether) has more than quadrupled his goal for the Kickstarter for his Mind MGMT comic book and read-along vinyl record combo. [To learn all about the project, be sure to check out our interview with Mr. Kindt!] Now that there are just under three days left in the campaign, Kindt has announced some add-ons for folks who want to increase their pledge amount and get their hands on some nifty Mind MGMT products. Check out these phenomenal additions to the Mind MGMT Kickstarter:


MIND MGMT “NEW RECRUIT” MINI-COMIC:  $20 (just increase your pledge amount)

If you’re familiar at all with the Jack Chick religious cartoon tract booklets, this is right up your alley. The 20-page Mind MGMT mini-comic has black-and-white pages and two-color covers, just like the old Chick tracts, with a story focused on the Animal Kid, MIND MGMT’s young agent. The story can be read apart from the comic book/vinyl set, but the mini-comic enriches the experience.


SET OF 4 PRINTS – $40 by Jeff Lemire, Jim Rugg, David Rubin and a mystery guest (just increase your pledge amount)

Mind MGMT-themed prints from the likes of superstar artists David Rubin, Jeff Lemire, and Jim Rugg? Beautiful, unexpected, and a brilliant enticement.


“NEW RECRUIT” ANIMAL KID MINIATURE PAINTING : $10 (just increase your pledge amount)

These paintings will be rendered by the inspiration of for Mind MGMT’s Animal Kid: Kindt’s daughter Ella Kindt. Each water-color painting will feature an animal from Mind MGMT.


STICKERS AND PIN SET: $15 (just increase your pledge amount)

Perfect for pin collectors or folks who just want to represent their love for Mind MGMT.


You still have over two days to contribute to the campaign. For more information, check out the official Kickstarter page to see how you can help in the creation of this novel entertainment experience!