The original Star Trek only got three seasons. Dead Like Me only got two. Deadwood got two, and was replaced by a baffling sci-fi surfer drama. Hell, Angel topped out at five.

What I’m saying, Community fans, is I feel for you but enjoy what you got (before it got mad).

By the time you’re reading this, you’ll have no doubt heard that NBC has given the axe to Community, the often absurd show that was as much about the band of Greendale miscreants as it was about poking holes in TV tropes. And even though you lost Dan Harmon in season four, he was able to come back in season five to shepherd the series to some kind of ending (even if it’s not necessarily the one that you want).

Series creator Dan Harmon and the cast took to Twitter to say farewell to the show:

According to Deadline, the ratings for the fifth season weren’t setting the world on fire, but they weren’t terrible, either. NBC just seems to want to be done with the show. Still, I can imagine some fans being disappointed at the unfulfilled promise of six seasons and a movie.

I get it, I do, and I wish all of your petitions to get the show a second life on Comedy Central or Adult Swim or Netflix or wherever bear fruit. In the meantime, Harmon has been chopping it up over the last couple of months with his animated series Rick and Morty. If you’re not watching that, you definitely should be as it magnifies the anarchy of Community by about 50 while still delivering actual heartfelt moments in a crass, nasty (and crassly, nastily funny) show.

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