People who wade into the creative writing process pour the whole of themselves into their labors, fretting over the right turn of phrase or narrative structure that will best convey the vision they have for their work. However, once that labor of love (and sometimes sacrifice) is complete, the next step is getting their product out for the rest of the world to experience. With an increasing number of options to consider and outlets to explore in making the publication of their books a reality, a writer might not always know which of those roads to take.

The folks with this year’s Long Beach Comic Expo, running from February 20th through the 21st, seem to recognize that many of its attendees might be wrestling with that decision-making process, as they have just announced a new panel “I’ve Written a Book! How Do I Get It Published?” The panel, moderated by M. Todd Gallowglas and which will take place on Sunday, February 21st from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, will feature Frank Beddor and Dan Jolley discussing their path to publication and give attendees the lowdown on their own experiences as they worked to get their product out to the rest of the world.

Here are the details of this sure-to-be informative and engaging panel concerning the transformative power of music and its bearing on illustration:

I’ve Written a Book! How Do I Get It Published?
Panelists: Frank Beddor, Dan Jolley
Moderator: M. Todd Gallowglas
Time: Sunday, 3-4 pm
The publishing world is vast and full of options: digital, self-publishing, hybrid, traditional. Come learn from published authors why they chose the path they did and what new authors can expect from publication.

Anyone who wants to hear from professionals and their own personal stories on the path to publication, folks who have been on the other side of the fence, should definitely attend.

For more information on this panel and the rest of the hub-bub and exciting goings-on at this year’s Long Beach Comic Expo, be sure to follow the LBCC on Twitter and Facebook, as well as checking out the event’s official website.

The Long Beach Comic Con will be held February 20th and 21st, 2016.