Mr. SInister, the X-Men villain who has plagued the heroes time and again, has, in recent years, situated himself as part of the government of the newly minted mutant nation of Krakoa. While Sinister continues to be Sinister (and sinister) behind the scenes, he has ingratiated himself enough to serve on Krakoa’s Quiet Council… until recently. The mutant government has set their sights on Sinister due to the machinations of Dr. Stasis, one of many clones of the long-lived villain. Sinister has been using clones of Moira MacTaggert (and their resurrection powers) to somewhat scry the future:



Still, his luck recently ran out (seemingly) in Judgment Day #1, when the Eternals captured the villainous mutant.

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However, it seems that Mr. Sinister will soon have his day–for his good or ill–in January 2023 when, according to Marvel press today, the Sins of Sinister begins. Per the release from the House of Ideas:

A New World. A New Disaster. Mister Sinister’s plans come to fruition beyond his wildest dreams…AND his darkest nightmares. Can the X-Men survive the experience? Can anyone? Discover how twisted mutantkind becomes when Mister Sinister achieves victory in SINS OF SINISTER, a new crossover coming to the X-Men.



So, what will be the future Mr. Sinister wants? We’ll have to stay tuned for more information as Marvel drops it. As always, we’ll keep you posted.