What kinds of movies does Warner Bros. thinks DC fans want? If a rumor picked up by Hitfix is any indication, the studio wants their upcoming crop of superhero flicks to be Man of Steel serious. No joke.

Drew McWeeny reports (and the guy has been right more often than not) that a directive is circulating around the studio that from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice on, their comics output will be joke-free. McWeeny breaks down the why’s and wherefores of the rumor (and why it might be a bunch of bullshit at a studio still playing catch up). Still, after the Nolan movies raked in a metric ton of cash and Man of Steel added to the studio’s money pile, you can’t help but think that they’re going for a “if it ain’t broke” approach to their cinematic output.

While it seems kind of insane to adopt a one size fits all approach to an entire series of movies featuring very disparate characters, poke at the idea a little and you’ll see what the studio might be going for as they try to find an answer to Marvel’s cinematic successes. By branding themselves as the “serious” superhero studio, DC/WB might be attempting to offer something wildly different from the competition, going for larger-than-life, outsized characters versus recognizably human ones. Man of Steel and the Dark Knight trilogy were more about ideas/ideals than people, and you could see Warner Bros. thinking that kind of grandiose storytelling as the trick to get viewers back to the theater for 10 more movies.

Or, it could just be some broad directive from an out-of-touch studio chief which will be ignored by the time there’s a Flash movie in production.

[Source: Hitfix]