Writer and artist Victor Santos’ Polar series of noir tales is the right blend of hard-boiled storytelling and action-packed, often violent aesthetic that continues to draw in readers. Proof positive of Polar’s popularity is the news that the comic is being adapted into a Netflix film, hitting the streaming service next year. That’s why we’re excited to bring you an exclusive first reveal of the cover to Polar Volume 0: The Black Kaiser, debuting this January!

From the official description of Polar Volume 0: The Black Kaiser:

The Black Kaiser, a name whispered in dark corners amongst power czars across the globe. A cold knife in the dark. A secret agent. Delve into the origin of the most feared assassin as his current mission lands him on American soil and in direct conflict with the nefarious agency known as the Damocles Initiative.

New York Times Bestseller Victor Santos (Filthy RichViolent Love) takes you back to the beginning with the origin of his iconic character Black Kaiser! A violent and fast-paced thriller. Now a Major Motion Picture.