This Wednesday, the battle for the multiverse marches on as Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #10 hits comic book shops. The comic book series based on the Turbine/WBIE video game focuses on DC Comics heroes spanning across multiple worlds uniting to stave off a threat that could obliterate all of existence. Feast your eyeholes on these exclusive preview pages from issue 10 that DC Comics’ has released to FreakSugar!

My primary takeaway from the preview pages is just how freaking awesome a Lex Luthor in a steampunk warsuit can be. I’m not a cosplayer, but I’d totally rock a antediluvian robot suit lumbering down a comic book convention hall. Another beautiful tidbit about this series, though, is that while it’s not technically tied into DC’s Convergence books-spanning story running at the moment, it gives readers the same kind of flavor to sate thei desire for universe-hopping tales.

Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #10 hits shelves tomorrow.