Senator Ted Cruz, who is currently vying with 16 other candidates for the Republican nominee for 2016’s United States presidential race, drew fire recently for comments he made to The New York Times Magazine listing his favorite superheroes. Specifically, detractors have taken Cruz to task for his inclusion of the masked vigilante Rorschach.

On his list, Cruz counts Spider-Man, Batman, and Iron Man as some of his most beloved do-gooders, although Rorschach’s spot among those costumed heroes drew the ire of many on the left, who called the vigilante—who has been known to keep company with the likes of the Nite Owl and Silk Spectre—nothing more than a perversion of justice in a trenchcoat.

Amid this flurry of outcry, Rorschach made a rare statement to the press, which he left in the mail slot of The New Frontiersman overnight.

Was notified that politician was fan. Distrustful of any politician that isn’t Truman. But investigation was necessary on this Ted Cruz. What I found turned the blood in veins to boil, like a writhing hellscape from which there is no escape, a hellscape of our own making.

Cruz favors corporations and the wardens who keep the boots on the necks of the innocent and the weak and the feeble. Would allow corporate interests to tamper with Internet speeds. Internet is cauldron of sin, but allows for wealth of ideas that rivals the library at Alexandria.

Also railed on Senate floor against Affordable Care Act. Wasted taxpayers’ time by reading from the racist Seuss’ children stories. Shut down government. Government brimming with the corrupt and the morally rotten, but cost citizens paychecks. Took food from the mouths of babes.

Cruz wears a mask that is more pitiful than most, yet insists he’s still Cruz. Wears a mask and calls it a face.

Done here.

Neither Dr. Manhattan, the government-sanctioned superhuman, nor Adrian Veidt, the former costumed fighter known as Ozymandias and the founder of Veidt Enterprises, could be reached for comment.