Son of Batman “Shrubbery” Clip from FreakSugar on Vimeo.

Namely, why did Bruce Wayne’s grandfather have a katana? Like, did he collect swords from around the world or did he get World War II? Are we learning that Patrick Wayne was killing Japanese soldiers and bringing their swords home?

That’s some dark history, right there.

But then, Son of Batman is about Batman’s ninja assassin son, so maybe that’s to be expected in DC’s 20th animated feature film. The May 9th release brings Damian Wayne to TV for the first time, adapting the beginning of Grant Morrison’s long-running stint with the Bat-family in Detective Comics, which culminated recently in the conclusion of Batman Inc., where the writer spent the better part of five years blowing up the franchise in cool and weird ways that have pretty much been reset by DC Comics.

The Son of Batman movie will be on DVD and Blu-ray May 9th.