Sony didn’t show anything about The Last Guardian. It’s been, what, like 5 years and we’re pretty sure it’s cancelled so stop asking about it. Replay Shadow of the Colossus or Ico and give it up. Go home.

Ok, are we done about that? Good. After a landslide victory last year, Sony had only one mission this E3 – show off a bunch of killer new games that are must-haves. They need to keep the momentum going without relying on MS to contract foot-in-mouth disease again. Well, we got a bunch of cool games that might be fun, as well as a few exclusives that look promising. Sony also revealed a few TV and movie ventures that left my head itching. I won’t go full Debbie Downer on Sony as there are definitely a couple of games I’m dying to get my hands on.

So without further grumbling, here are the big games from Sony.

Destiny – Bungie

I know, I know. This is multiplat. Well it was shown at the conference during Sony’s stage and it still looks pretty nice. Bungie has always come through with solid shooters for Xbox and Destiny is shaping up to be another hit. I’m also sure that its 500 million dollar budget is more than enough of an incentive to make it do extremely well – otherwise the dev will be in a rough spot.

The Order: 1886 – Ready At Dawn

Ready At Dawn has proven themselves as fairly solid developers with great ports and some fun, if generic portable titles. As 1886 is their first original IP, we’ll get to see what they’re really made of. Of course, Director Dana Jan played up some dubious points about sticking to a “cinematic experience” with a firm 30 FPS for the new title which kinda dampens the power of the PS4. Still, the game looks great and has an interesting premise – you fight in the hidden world of shadows during the Victorian age. Furthermore, its an exclusive title that Sony needs to keep them moving forward in the upcoming year.

Entwined – Pixelopus

It wouldn’t be a Sony press conference without a weird indie title featuring simple geometric shapes and bright colors. Apparently this game is about a bird and a fish that are in love. Make of that what you will.

LittleBigPlanet 3 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Well, Sony must have gotten word about MS’s Project Spark as we now have to two platform specific games heavily reliant on a full UGC experience. From what we’ve seen before with LBP creators, there’s tons of potential for amazing creations. Anyway, Sackboy gets help from a few quirky friends in an all new adventure in an arts and craft world that would leave Michael’s and Jo-Ann sweating. I must say, though the LBP games have always had their charm I’ve always been somewhat off-put with their floaty controls and I never got too far with the creation kit /shrugs.

Bloodborne – FromSoftware

I’m not done riding From’s dick because I guess I have no shame. Whatever. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls I and II are some of my most favorite games. Sue me. Project Beast has finally been revealed as Bloodborne and I’m totally psyched. We only got a CGI trailer but it looks – *insert record scratch noise – sick. We can only assume how Bloodborn will play out but with Hidetaka Miyazaki helming, I’m sure it’ll be excellent.

No Man’s Sky – Hello Games

Holy Moley, this is certainly ambitious. A small indie team is creating a procedurally generated universe of planets with each new player starting on their own unique world. There’s spaceships, space battles, dinosaurs, and a galaxy of exploration. It reads like a Kickstarter pipedream but sign me up!

Let It Die – Grasshopper Manufacture

Suda 51’s next game is coming to PS4 exclusively. Not much was shown but from the trailer we can only assume it’s some kind of multiplayer only shooter/killer. I thought it was some kind of new Manhunt which really threw me off at first.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – NaughtyDog

Whelp, I guess Nathan Drake is getting pulled back in. The half-tucked XY-chromosome Tomb Raider makes his PS4 debut in an all new adventure. I’m sure we’ll get some knowing looks between each character as Mr. Drake dodges yet another close call. You know, though, I’m actually looking forward to this as I missed the last bloody trek in the Uncharted series. Here’s a trailer.

A Grim Fandango HD and Infamous: Second Son DLC rounds out the rest of the big game announcements. Last of Us Remastered will land in late July as well. Sony then proceeded to jump into hardware adulation with numbers old or whatnot. They also go on to mention the 3D Rift competitor with Project Morpheus and how it might be implemented in the future. PlayStation TV is also making its way to North America with bundled controller, 8 GB card, and tons of titles available day one!

Sony had a couple of announcements for non-interactive media. Brian Michael Bendis popped on stage to talk about Powers. The comic is being adapted into serial program only on PlayStation. PS Plus users will get the whole season for free so look for it later this year. Lastly, Ratchet & Clank is finally getting an animated movie. Watch the trailer below.

OH OH! and GT-effin’ A V is coming to next gen and PC. Sony gets dibs on the trailer though.