This has been a week of “sorta-but-not-really” news about upcoming superhero properties coming to the big and small screens (see my post on Ant-Man 3 yesterday). Today, it’s all about Krypton’s last son and his newspaper reportin’ paramour, Superman and Lois Lane, who’ll star in next year’s new The CW series titled, conveniently enough, Superman & Lois. Starring Tyler Hoechlin as Superman/Clark Kent and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane—both who’ve played those roles in the CW Arrowverse before—the show will follow the duo as they juggle their careers, Clark’s superheroics, and being parents.

With the series hitting in January, The CW just released a sizzle reel of what to expect in the new Arrowverse status quo, as well as about 30 seconds of footage featuring the Lois and Clark. There doesn’t appear to be any new clips from the series, just things we’ve seen before, but it’s definitely doing its job to build excitement for the series.

Confession: I’ve watched many of the Arrowverse shows all that much. Nothing against them: everyone involved seems like they love what they do and they seem like good folk. Just wasn’t my thing. However, I’ve loved what I’ve seen of Hoechlin as the Man of Steel. As someone who can pretty much do without the Zack Snyder version of the Last Son of Krypton we’ve seen so far, Hoechlin is a breath of fresh air as Clark and the Metropolis Marvel. He has the gravitas that Superman should bring, while still displaying the humor and empathy that the character should exude.

All that’s to say, this is one Arrowverse that I’ll legitimately give a solid shot. We all need some humor, empathy, and hope right now.

Superman & Lois debuts next January on The CW.