We are just barely over a month away from finally seeing Thor, Hulk, Loki, Hela, and the gang star in Thor: Ragnarok, which looks to be the funniest, most extravagant buddy comedy featuring the End of Days that you’ll see this year. As if we could forget, Marvel and Disney want to make sure that you remain intrigued about the film, which looks to take the term “and the kitchen sink” to a whole new level. (Ragnarok has so many characters, familiar and brand spankin’ new, it makes Captain America: Civil War look like a subdued affair.) To that end, check out this new Chinese trailer for the film that the Houses of Ideas and Mouse just dropped and try not to jump out of your chairs with excitement–especially if you’re watching this at work.

Although there isn’t a wealth of new footage, we do get to see more of Cate Blanchett as the goddess of death Hela, the film’s Big Bad, who alternately brings a gravitas to the crazy-cakes settings and chews the scenery in a way that makes us feel the fun she’s having. And there’s Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, exuding the badassery as she squares off against Hela in what appears to be a climactic scene. Finally, the titular thunder god himself taking a stand against the death goddess on the fabled Asgardian rainbow bridge. Ugh, why isn’t it November 3rd already?