Nearly two years ago, TNT announced that it was bandying about the idea of producing a pilot based on DC Comics’ Teen Titans comic book series, featuring the next generation of superheroes stepping out of the shadows of big guns like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The show, which would have been titled simply Titans, even tapped Academy Award-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldman (of I Am Legend fame) to pen the pilot’s script, following former Boy Wonder Nightwing and his fellow young superfolk.

Notice all of the past tense verbs thrown around. That’s because TNT has officially decided to pass on the series, deciding that such a production was not a direction the network wanted to pursue. The series lineup would have featured Titans alums Hawk & Dove, Raven, and Starfire, with Batgirl-turned Oracle hero Barbara Gordon.

It’s a bit of a shame that TNT passed on this project, but, still, it’s unclear as to how this series would have fared among the bevy of comic book productions already on Fox, ABC, AMC, NBC, and the CW. Is there a tipping point to interest in live-action superhero projects? Maybe not, as long as the quality to the material and the commitment to a project is present. With Titans, however, for now, we’ll not get to see how that plays out.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]