Billionaire Donald Trump, who is currently leading in the polls as frontrunner in his quest to secure the GOP presidential nomination, has hardly been free from controversy in his bid for the White House. From his controversial statements regarding Mexicans to his disparaging comments concerning Senator John McCain’s service record to sexist words about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, the one-time Apprentice host has not been afraid to speak his mind on the campaign trail. While this frankness has served Trump well thus far among his supporters, his recent assertions about a possible dual identity has raised eyebrows in the online and superhero communities.

Arriving by helicopter during a recent stop stumping at the Iowa State Fair, Trump answered press questions before taking some children on a ride above the Fair. During the flight, one boy asked the mogul if he was Batman, to which the Donald replied, “I am Batman.”

While the online community took to derision of Trump’s obvious offhand joke, even starting the #BatTrump hashtag on Twitter, the Dark Knight’s superhero peers did not take the candidate’s comments so lightly.

“While I am sure Mr. Trump’s comments were meant in jest, I would advise him not to be so flippant when referring to Batman,” Metropolis’ own Superman told reporters. “I consider the man one of my best friends and closest comrades and I trust him with my life. That said, he’s punched me in the face more times than I can recall. Me. If he’ll risk breaking his hand on my jaw over and over, someone who isn’t his friend probably shouldn’t rattle that cage.”

The Man of Steel wasn’t the only one who felt Trump’s comments were ill-advised.

“The dude shot a dark god with an effing gun!” a clearly incredulous Flash exclaimed when asked about the matter. “A dark god. Who was trying to destroy the entirety of reality. Can you imagine the kind of brass that takes? Trump, listen: Tread lightly, dude.”

The Dark Knight’s one-time partner also, understandably, had some words of warning for the Republican candidate.

“I’ve known Batman over half my life,” the high-flying adventurer known as Nightwing said when pressed. “He’s the best man I have ever known, both in terms of morality and sheer force of will. He’s come back from tragedy after tragedy—losing loved ones, being physically broken—and bent the world with only his grit and determination. For Trump, a man who is the antithesis of everything my friend stands for, to even joke that he’s Batman is obscene.”

Nightwing paused before finishing, “If he says another word about that again, I’ll kick his ass.”

The usually measured Martian Manhunter, one of the founding members of the Justice League, had only this to say to journalists.

“It’s no secret that fire is one of the few things that incapacitate my kind,” the alien hero began. “We all have abilities that rival Superman. And Batman subdued three rogue Martians with merely his fists, gasoline, and matches. What hubris it is for someone to taunt such a man.”

Even the Caped Crusader’s greatest adversary released a word of caution to the Donald.

“Trump has bats in his belfry,” the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker, cackled in a statement via Skype from Arkham Asylum. “Do you realize how many times I’ve tried to murdelize guano brains throughout the years? How many times everyone has? I once saw the asshole bust his way out of the goddamn grave! And they say I’m the crazy one!” The Joker then started laughing maniacally for a full two minutes.

However, what does the man himself, the Batman, think about Trump’s bravado? The detective is famously shy of cameras and eschews press inquiries. Still, one journalist, when asking, “What do you think of Trump’s joke?” managed to get a comment, albeit a short one, from the Dark Knight as he left a crime scene:


Donald Trump’s camp had not responded to our requests for comment as of press time.

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