It’s Wednesday and at FreakSugar that can mean only one thing: invoices are due!– No. Wait, that’s for people doing actual work. Screw. That. It’s NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! Yeah, that’s much better. So, in the time-honored tradition from days of yore, I have another Top 10 Comics of the Week video list for your eyes and ears to take in like so much unwanted death in some kind of sci-fi horror kinda way!

Speaking of sci-fi, Marvel’s Star Wars #1 really turned out to be something great. Trust me, I was a big pile of negativity going into it. I mean, it was obviously going to be a huge cash-grab by Disney and Marvel, right? WRONG, sucka! Jason Aaron and John Cassaday know their way around the Empire, and this book almost instantly gave me the same feelings of adventure and awesomeness as the original trilogy! Yeah, that’s a huge brag– but it’s fully deserved.

Video shot, edited, and Force-choked against a bulkhead by: Tyler Whitaker