Southern Bastards #7 takes the top spot this week thanks to the gut-wrenching, down-home, redneck-infused tale of Coach Boss’ past! Holy geez is that comic good! If you’ve not had the chance to read it, you should definitely do so– all the while questioning just what the Hell you’ve been wasting your precious time on!

This Week’s Top 10 Comics:

10. Five Ghosts #15
9. Secret Six #2
8. Elephantmen #62
7. The Amazing Spider-Man #14
6. The Sixth Gun #46
5. Abe Sapien #20
4. Guardians of the Galaxy #24
3. The Walking Dead #137
2. Darth Vader #1
1. Southern Bastards #7

Check out the video in the above pop-up player, or if you’re having trouble HERE is the direct link.

Do you agree with the Top 10 Comics of the Week list? Was there something I missed? Does it make you wanna puke all over your keyboard thanks to a blaring omission– a travesty of comic book justice?! Well, sound off in the comments!

Video shot, edited, and cradled like a dumpster baby by: Tyler Whitaker