If the seventh season of True Blood is going the way I think it’s going – making its final season an extended Hurricane Katrina allegory with feral vampires – then I hope its showrunners will keep their heads down and do the same bawdy sex, violence, and exploitation nuttiness the show is known for.

Because when True Blood tries to be a “message” show, it’s the worst. Hell, even the “coming out of the coffin” line about the series’ vampires is a little uncomfortable when you think about it for more than a second and realize the show is pairing the gay rights movement to sociopathic killers.

How they’ll handle a national disaster coupled with small-town prejudice and tensions remains to be seen. I’m actually kind of excited about what will happen when Bon Temps is under attack by feral vampires, and how that might break the shaky truth between the locals and the friendly vamps. Check out the True Blood season 7 trailer below.

Season 7 kicks off June 22nd at 9PM on HBO.

[Source: MyNerdBlog]