Following the $135 million opening weekend for 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds, the movie studio has announced today that it’s eyeing making the third installment in the Wolverine films R-rated.

Not that this is a surprise, really. After seeing how much the R-rated Deadpool raked in, it makes perfect sense that Fox would want to see if it can capture lightning in a bottle again. Here’s the thing, though: While a character like Wolverine and his snikty-killing would greatly benefit from an adult tone, we are bound to see poor imitations from studios that will sex-up and murder-ize its superhero fare to get a taste of that sweet Deadpool cash. Which, of course, will be the wrong lesson to take from the success of the Ryan Reynolds vehicle. But I’m not a studio exec, so what do I know?

Wolverine 3, starring Hugh Jackman in the title role, will hit theaters on March 3 next year.