This has certainly been a big week for Marvel‘s mutant hero known as Wolverine. The House of Ideas announced earlier this week news about January’s “Sabretooth War” and Predator Versus Wolverine, both featuring the adamantium hero. And just today, Marvel dropped another promo image and tagline for Predator Versus Wolverine, with images that suggest we’ll see Wolverine and a Predator encountering one another at different times throughout Wolverine‘s history.

This September, witness the untold greatest battles of Logan’s life – against a Predator! 



The art shows, among other images, Wolverine during his time with the covert ops group Team X. We’ll have to wait until September 20th when the miniseries debuts to find out how all these pieces fit together. The book is the collaboration of the creative team of Benjamin PercyKen Lashley, Greg Land, and Andrea Di Vito (with a cover by Marco Checchetto).