It looks like comics publisher IDW has tried to get a jump on any of the news making it out of WonderCon this weekend with the announcement that a Wormwood animated series would be going to pilot under writer David Stern (Ugly Americans, The Simpsons.

Wormwood, the creation of comic artist Ben Templesmith, draws on the squids and dread aesthetic of Lovecraft in the middle of dark, sometimes goofy, horror mysteries. But what do you get when your main character is a dimension-hopping worm that can reanimate corpses? You can easily see this series taking advantage of the freak/corpse of the week format in perpetuity, while animation could give some ambitious studio the chance to bring Templesmith’s dark and moody art to TV.

According to a post on IDW’s Facebook page, the pilot is being developed at IDW Entertainment, with Stern and Circle of Confusion serving as executive producers.

Right now, IDW says the plan for the pilot is to get it produced and pitch it to networks.

We might be hearing more about IDW’s TV prospects in the coming months: recently, IDW Entertainment announced a deal with Entertainment One to bring some of the publisher’s other properties to TV, making us all desperately hope that Locke & Key gets a second chance.

[Source: IDW’s Facebook page]