FOX has released a full series of X-Men Days of Future Past posters, each featuring a set of characters. Presumably there’s some meaning to the pairings in each poster. Future and past Charles Xavier and Magneto are obvious, as are Ice Man and Kitty Pride due to their ongoing relationship in the films, but others are less so. There’s been some very light interaction between Wolverine and Mystique, aside from when she climbed into his tent in X2, I don’t think they’ve interacted at all, and the other pairings — Blink/Colossuss, Storm/Beast — don’t mean much on the surface, but it will  be interesting to see if they’re foreshadowing how these relationships might play out in the film.

In any case, they’re all pretty cool (apart from the somewhat sloppy “mashup” poster that looks like a FOX intern put together in MS Paint). Check ’em out below.

X-Men Days of Future Past releases on May 23, 2104. In case that wasn’t clear on the posters.