If the endless reruns of Chopped or whatever newest iteration of oh-so-loud cooking and eating Guy Fieri is ushering out is leaving you colder than leftover turkey tetrazzini, then take heart: Food Network is turning its eyes back to the culinary Thunderdome that is Kitchen Stadium.

The folks over at Variety are reporting that Food Network will be taking the perennial favorite Iron Chef franchise and putting a spin on concept with a new series, Iron Chef Gauntlet. While there are scant details about the new show other than the name and the fact that food academic and “color commentator” Alton Brown is returning to host, with “gauntlet” attached to the title, we can guess that the series will involve a tiered series of challenges with chefs squaring off in the name of culinary dominance. (Please let one of the challenges be a Double Dare-style obstacle course.)

With Gauntlet, this will be the first time in quite a while that Iron Chef has seen a new series on the Food Network. Last appearing on the channel in 2014, the franchise moved to the Cooking Channel in 2015. There’s no indication whether any former Iron Chefs will make an appearance on Gauntlet, but it’s a safe bet that Bobby Flay or Geoffrey Zakarian will drop by, with their faces so tied to the Iron Chef brand.

Iron Chef Gauntlet is expected to start production in 2017, with a midyear premiere.

[Source: Variety]