If you’re like me, you sometimes wish that the monotony of the day could be cut with something—anything—that would add a spark to hours otherwise devoted to bill-paying and dog-walking. Maybe the constant danger of interdimensional monster behemoths right out of an anime lover’s wet dream? Well, that’s not my first go-to daydream, but if it’s yours, the Prop Store and Legendary Pictures have the perfect outlet to blast the fuck out of the tedium of existence: authentic props used from the film Pacific Rim! The Prop Store and Legendary have teamed up to hold an auction so that you, too, can act out fantasies of piloting Jaeger robot war machines in a world run amok by Kaiju beasts.

The auction, which begins this Monday, will span 10 days, with the partnership releasing over 30 props for auction each day. Each piece of Pacific Rim history will be available for bidding for a week, so you’ll have to be quick on the draw to blow away the competition. (Figuratively speaking. Your fellow bidders aren’t Lovecraftian nightmares from beyond the floor of the Pacific Ocean.)

Although we don’t know the whole lot of items available for bidding, the Prop Store has released a few pics of the types of props you can expect to see during the auction. If you’re lucky, you can get your paws on a Gypsy Danger chest plate from one of the Jaeger robots, a Crimson Typhoon suit, a set of dog tags, or a Striker Eureka suit. Hopefully the Striker Eureka suit can be tailored so I can fit my not-so-skinny ass into it.

If you want to get in on the bidding wars, you have less than three days to hop in on the action for these Pacific Rim props! Check out the Prop Store for more details.