With AMC’s Preacher, based on the DC/Vertigo comic about a man of the cloth gaining supernatural powers while losing faith, gaining a larger audience, it makes sense that the network would want to keep the interest ramped up as the first season draws to a close. To that end, AMC debuted footage from the first season’s last two episodes at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday. Take a gander as Jesse, Cassidy, Tulip, and the gang barrel toward an explosive conclusion.

From the look of things, Jesse and the crew of ne’er-do-wells are going to be confronting the Lord Almighty with a bit of an ultimatum: accept their help or get curb stomped. To throw another monkey wrench into the works, it appears that the Saint of Killers has been summoned to inject some death and despair into the life of the good Reverend Custer. I’ve been on the fence about the series–it’s not grabbing me in the way that the comic book tale did–but this trailer makes me want to give it another go.

The penultimate episode of Preacher hits AMC this Sunday.