With Dark Days: The Forge #1 kicking off DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Metal August company-wide event to a widely well-received start this week, the publisher is teasing readers with more morels of what to expect in the epic tale–featuring dark versions of everyone’s favorite Dark Knight Detective.

Starting in September, DC will drop seven one-shot comics throwing the spotlight on twisted, cracked-mirror versions of the Batman, rolling out from the Dark Multiverse to throw Earth into chaos. Ahead of the books’ releases, we’re getting a glimpse at those (darker) Dark Knights.


As the images suggest, each of these evil Batmen are not only formidable and ruthless, but also have ties to different associates or antagonists of our Bruce Wayne’s alter ego: The Drowned bears Aquaman’s sigil, The Batman Who Laughs is a clear nod to The Joker, The Dawnbreaker features a Green Lantern ring, and so on.

As DC Entertainment Executive Editor Patrick McCallum notes, “With names like The Red Death, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker, The Drowned, The Merciless, The Devastator and The Batman Who Laughs, it’s pretty clear that these creatures mean business and prove just how dangerous the Dark Multiverse will be for DC’s heroes.” With Joshua Williamson, Peter J. Tomasi, Dan Abnett, Frank Tieri, Ricardo Fererici, Sam Humphries, Ethan Van Sciver, Philip Tan, Carmine Di Giandomenico, and Francis Manapul–all creators who have experience crafting Bat-stories–steering the one-shots, readers can expect dynamic, appropriately dark and captivating Batman yarns.

Of course, it’s not as if the heroes of Gotham City are going to roll over while an infestation of dark Masked Manhunters invade their reality. DC is also publishing a “Gotham Resistance” crossover running through NightwingTeen Titans, and Suicide Squad. As to whether their efforts will be successful, as always it’s a wait-and-see game.

The twisted versions of the Caped Crusader invade comic stores beginning September 20th. Dark Nights: Metal #1 debuts Wednesday, August 16th.

From the official press release:


Invaders from the Dark Multiverse Attack Earth, Giving Rise to

 The ‘Gotham Resistance’

BURBANK, CA (June 16, 2017) – Evil versions of the Dark Knight are coming to terrorize Earth this September, as DC teased early details on a series of seven one-shot comics that tie into the upcoming DARK NIGHTS: METAL event. Each one-shot story spotlights a different, corrupted version of Batman spawned from the Dark Multiverse to wreak havoc on Earth.

“With names like The Red Death, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker, The Drowned, The Merciless, The Devastator and The Batman Who Laughs, it’s pretty clear that these creatures mean business and prove just how dangerous the Dark Multiverse will be for DC’s heroes,” said Patrick McCallum, DC Entertainment Executive Editor.

The terror begins on September 20 with BATMAN: THE RED DEATH #1, by Joshua Williamson (writer) Carmine Di Giandomenico (artist), followed by BATMAN: THE MURDER MACHINE #1, written by Frank Tieri with art by Ricardo Federici on September 27. Writer Sam Humphries and artist Ethan Van Sciver will team up on BATMAN: THE DAWNBREAKER #1, on sale October 4, with Dan Abnett and artist Philip Tan collaborating on BATMAN: THE DROWNED #1 October 18. The month concludes with Peter J. Tomasi and Francis Manapul on BATMAN: THE MERCILESS #1, on sale October 25.

November features two additional one-shot titles, BATMAN: THE DEVASTATOR #1 (on sale November 1) and THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 (on sale November 15).

The presence of these malevolent characters infects some of DC’s deadliest Super-Villains, who are ready to take down Gotham City once and for all. But rest assured, DC’s bravest heroes aren’t rolling over for anybody and are ready to fight for the city’s very soul in “Gotham Resistance,” a series of crossover stories beginning with TEEN TITANS #12 written by Benjamin Percy with art by MIrka Andolfo (on sale September 13), NIGHTWING #29 by Tim Seeley and Paul Pelletier (on sale September 20) and SUICIDE SQUAD #26 by Rob Williams and Stjepan Sejic (on sale September 27).

”With the combination of an event comic helmed by two of the most talented creators in comic history a legion of evil Batmen and crossover titles that show just how deeply this event impacts the DCU, fans will know now more than ever that DARK NIGHTS: METAL is something not to be missed,” said McCallum.

Each $3.99 BATMAN one-shot ships with a special foil stamped cover featuring a protective UV coating, with art by fan-favorite creator Jason Fabok (JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR, SUICIDE SQUAD: THE BLACK VAULT, BATMAN ETERNAL). Issue #1 of DARK NIGHTS: METAL hits comic book stores and digital retailers on Wednesday, August 16. For more information on DC, visit the DC website, www.dcomics.com, or download the DC All Access app, available for both Apple and Android devices.

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