Oooooohhhhh, look at what we have here! It’s the very first episode of Developmental Talent, the new professional wrestling podcast that’s exclusively on FreakSugar! Exciting, right?! I’m joined by my co-host Brandon Vanhook as we run down some of the recent goings-on in the square-circle, and battle for our lives to quit saying “ummm” so damn much. Also, with us this week is our guest-host “The Fighting Man” Matt Pierce who helps shed some light on why we love NXT so friggin’ much!

This week’s segments:

– Keepin’ It RAW

– The TNA Minute

– The NeXT Big Thing

– Fully Articulated Wrestling

– This Week In Wrestling History

– The Figure Five

As with any new program, the format will be tweaked, sound will be adjusted, people will be punched, yelling will ensue, and deals with unholy evil shall be made in order to bring you our ultimate form.

To contact Developmental Talent, (with spite-filled love notes and hate-fueled correspondence) you can reach us at, on twitter here, or just use the Comment Section below.

Segment Voiceovers- Courtney Brooke Ribeiro
Show Editing- Tyler Whitaker