That door sound at the end of the trailer just caused a flood of memories to crash down on me.

So… that’s a big-ass Cyberdemon up there, that is! Apparently, Doom is for real but this teaser doesn’t show much more than the fearsome hellbot from the long-running first person shooter. If you’ve played a Doom title before then you expect a few things – demons, Mars, the second sickest shotgun in a game next to Blackthorne and color-coded keys. Maybe a few secret rooms and monster closets – the kind that just open, shitting out enemies to ruin your day. You know, frikkin’ Doom. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic as I wasn’t picking up what Wolfenstein was putting down. The one thing Machinegames did nail, however, was the shooting. MMMHMMMM…. gimme some more of that classic, old-school shootin’ please and thank you.

Hopefully, what remains of id can muster up that familiar feel and pace what made the original Doom‘s so fun.