Just yesterday, HBO dropped a new trailer ahead of April 24th’s season six premiere of Game of Thrones, but that hasn’t stopped the home box office from keeping fans of the series full of dragons and depression and death and Daenerys on the hook for more. If the three new clips that the network just released are any indication, the dourness of last season doesn’t look to be letting up.

In the first clip, recently shorn Walk of Shame alum Cersei Lannister ruminates on her mother’s death after brother-lover Jaime has broken the news about their daughter’s death. Dammit, somebody hug Cersei, already!

In the next footage, we see Sansa Stark and Theon do ALL OF THE RUNNING, just having escaped the clutches of Ramsay Bolton. To be fair, considering what they’ve both been through at the hands of that sadist, I’d be running until my legs pumped battery acid.

Finally, we catch up Daenerys as she’s brought back into the Dothraki fold and, judging by the shell-shocked look on her face, she’s none too keen to be back among the horsey folk.

HBO, you’re a big ol’ tease. I guess we’ll have to appease our longing for more by watching these clips on loop until the sixth season premiere of Game of Thrones hits on Sunday, April 24th.