This Wednesday, Clean Room #2, written by Gail Simone with Jon Davis-Hunt on art, hits the newsstands, following Chloe’s plans to bring down self-help guru Astrid! Check out these exclusive preview pages that DC Comics was kind enough to share!

As she has shown with her work on books such as BatgirlBirds of Prey, and Red Sonja, writer Gail Simone proves once again why she is such a dynamic wordsmith and a go-to professional for tight plotting and expert character development. Frankly, since the announcement came that she would be doing Clean Room, her first Vertigo title, I’ve been anxious to see what Ms. Simone would do and I’ve not been disappointed in either the quality or entertainment she’s brought to the imprint so far. Mr. Davis-Hunt’s pencils on the series complement Ms. Simone’s characterization, giving fully-robust life to already dynamic personalities. Already an issue in and Clean Room is proving to be a joy to read.

Clean Room #2, written by Gail Simone with Jon Davis-Hunt on art, hits comic shops this Wednesday.

From the official issue description:

It’s a battle of wills as Chloe faces off with self-help guru Astrid in the infamous Clean Room—and what Chloe witnesses there reinforces her desire to bring Astrid and her empire down. But what Chloe doesn’t know is that the atrocities that happen in the Clean Room don’t necessarily stay there.