This Wednesday, Constantine: The Hellblazer #5, written by James T. Tynion IV and Ming Doyle with Scott Kowalchuk and Riley Rossmo on art, hits the newsstands, starring John Constantine, the magic-wielding, rapscallion con man sometimes known as the Hellblazer! Check out these exclusive preview pages that DC Comics was kind enough to share!

While Constantine: The Hellblazer takes place firmly in the main DC Comics Universe–along side the likes of Superman, Batman, and their lot–Tynion and Doyle’s stories and dialogue give a well-deserved and well-earned nod to the feel of the original Vertigo Comics Hellblazer series. Even if this John Constantine is different from the one seen in those Vertigo tales, he certainly borrows enough from his literary DNA to make Tynion and Doyle’s take a very fun, very satisfying ride. Kowalchuk and Rossmo’s art help to contribute the atmosphere that the writing builds, giving a fractal, uneven footing perfectly at home and suited for stories of the supernatural.

Anyone who loves tales of the arcane and the occult, is mourning the cancellation of Constantine on NBC (don’t get me started), or just loves the titular English bastard, give this title a go! Constantine: The Hellblazer #5 hits stands on Wednesday!