It’s been twelve months since Damage spun out of the events of Dark Nights: Metal, and the entire creative team has brought their A-game and a bevy of gripping tales. And judging from our EXCLUSIVE preview of Damage #12, that tradition continues here! It’s Damage versus the heroes he grew up idolizing. Get a taste of the tense battle now!

DAMAGE #12 cover

DAMAGE #12 page 1

DAMAGE #12 page 2

DAMAGE #12 page 3

DAMAGE #12 page 4

Damage #12 goes on sale Wednesday, December 19th, from DC Comics.

From the official issue description:

Will Damage earn his spot as the world’s strongest hero—or will he be branded a villain forever? It’s Damage versus the Justice League, and it’ll take more than brute strength to win the day. Even with an unstoppable alter ego, Ethan’s gotta use both brains and brawn to have a hope against the League, because they’ve got a knock-’em-dead trick up their sleeve as a nuclear option. The first year of Damage’s story comes to an end—and a new chapter begins! And how does Deadman fit into the picture?