At some point in our lives, many of us have butted up against heartbreak and despair, being hurt by the sting of love lost. Perhaps we’ve railed against love, declaring the concept horrendous or, even worse, dead.

However, I’d daresay few of us have declared war on the very notion of Love itself. Then again, not all of us are Philo Harris. In February’s Death of Love #1 from Image Comics, writer Justin Jordan, artist Donal DeLay, colorist Omar Estevez, and letterer Rachel Deering combine forces to show us what happens when Philo learns that all of the love on the planet is the result of the machinations of creatures known as the Cupidae. Unfortunately for the Cupidae, Philo is now able to see these creatures and isn’t too keen on the notion of love at the moment, as you can see in these exclusive preview pages Image has shared with us!

DEATH OF LOVE #1 cover

DEATH OF LOVE #1 page 1

DEATH OF LOVE #1 pages 2-3

DEATH OF LOVE #1 page 4

DEATH OF LOVE #1 page 5

DEATH OF LOVE #1 page 6

DEATH OF LOVE #1 page 7

What is heartening about the book is that, in addition to the unique spin on how we look at Love–using personifications of the emotion to explore how we deal with it–the whole creative team looks to throw such notions as the friend zone under the microscope. Death of Love aims to use the mayhem of killing Cupidae to dissect why we do what we do in the throes of romance. This is a smart title well worth a watch.

Join Image for the celebration this February when Death of Love arrives on Valentine’s Day!

-FOC: 1/22
-Release: 2/14
-Written by: Justin Jordan (THE FAMILY TRADE, SPREAD)
-Art by: Donal DeLay (You are Not AloneMy Geek Family)
-Colors by: Omar Estevez (Heavy Metal MagazineBatman ’66)
-Lettering by: Rachel Deering (In the DarkVertigo Quarterly)
-Synopsis: Love sucks. And Philo Harris is going to do something about it. After a particularly bad, drunken decision, Philo gains the ability to see the Cupidae, the creatures responsible for all the love in the world, and declares war on love itself. With a chainsaw.