We’re only one issue into Chip Zdarsky, Carlos Magno, and Butch Guice’s new Invaders series from Marvel, but it’s already looking to be a classic tale that will echo through the hallways of Invaders lore. And in our EXCLUSIVE preview of Invaders #2–on sale Wednesday, February 27th–there are hints that the revelations of last issue will continue to be explored.


INVADERS #2 cover

INVADERS #2 page 1

INVADERS #2 page 2

INVADERS #2 page 3

INVADERS #2 page 4

INVADERS #2 page 5

Invaders #2 goes on sale Wednesday, February 27th, from Marvel Comics.

From the official issue description:

After the SHOCKING reveals about NAMOR last issue, THE HUMAN TORCH goes deeper into the Sub-Mariner’s PAST, hoping to uncover his plan. But CAPTAIN AMERICA goes the direct route: TO ATLANTIS. Alone against THE MAD KING and his ARMIES in the exciting second chapter of WAR GHOSTS: THE AMERICAN AMBASSADOR!