This Wednesday, Doomed #5, written by Scott Lobdell with Javier Fernandez on art, hits the newsstands, continuing to follow the story of Metropolis University student Reiser as he struggles with his ability to turn into the monstrous Doomsday! Check out these exclusive preview pages that DC Comics was kind enough to share!

Writer Scott Lobdell has a been a comic book industry mainstay for decades and, for my money, few scribes know how to write teens and young adults wrestling with angst better than him. His work on the X-Men franchise and the DC New 52 Teen Titans title are both testimony to that ability. That wordsmithery, coupled with Javier Fernandez’s skill at balancing action and smaller character moments, make Doomed an engaging series that deserves your attention.

Doomed #5, written by Scott Lobdell with art by Javier Fernandez, hits newstands this Wednesday!

From the official issue description:

At last! Doomed goes head-to-head with the Alpha Centurion in the avatar-battle to end all avatar-battles! But can Reiser and Roman’s friendship survive this clash of titans? And if these roommates split, who will keep all the video games they went halfsies on?! The stakes don’t get any bigger than this!