Marvel’s Exiles reboot has been an unexpected joy of a comic, wholly thanks to the creators’ new take on a concept that has always been novel—superheroes helping protect the multiverse—but needed a shakeup to dust off the potential for staleness. As proof positive of the brilliance of the book, take our exclusive preview of Exiles #9—written by Saladin Ahmed, drawn by Javier Rodriguez, inked by Alvaro Lopez, colored by Munsta Vicente, and lettered by Joe Caramagna. The chapter follows team leader blink as she’s been separated by her cohorts, stuck in the Middle East with everyone around her thinking she’s Aladdin. We’re getting Sliders-meets-Quantum Leap vibes and we’re absolutely loving it. Check out the preview pages below to see what we mean!

EXILES #9 cover

EXILES #9 page 1

EXILES #9 page 2

EXILES #9 page 3

EXILES #9 page 4

EXILES #9 page 5

EXILES #9 page 6


Exiles #9 goes on sale Wednesday, October 10, from Marvel Comics.

From the official issue description:

ARABIAN NIGHTS! Javier Rodriguez returns on art duties with the start of a brand-new arc! On the run from rogue Watchers, the Exiles find themselves scattered in a dusty Arabian town — and with a bad case of mistaken identity! Who is the ne’er-do-well son of a tailor everyone calls “Aladdin”? What are the 40 thieves after? And most importantly…what classic Marvel villain plays the role of despotic Caliph? Saladin Ahmed brings One Thousand and One Nights to life in the pages of Marvel Comics!