This Wednesday, January 17th, Generation X #384, written by Christina Strain with Amilcar Pinna on art, hits newsstands, part 2 of “Survival of the Fittest.” M has bonded with her vampiric brother and is feeding off students, Quentin Quire and Krakoa have left town, and now the X-folks’ school has vanished! Soooo… just another at the office for Jubilee and the rest of the Gen Xers? Strain and Pinna are giving us characters with a dynamism that actually make them look and sound like young people, which is a joy and incredibly refreshing. Check out these preview pages of the issue that Marvel was kind enough to share!

GENERATION X #86 cover

GENERATION X #86 page 1

GENERATION X #86 page 2

GENERATION X #86 page 3

GENERATION X #86 page 4

GENERATION X #86 page 5


Generation X #86, written by Christina Strain with Amilcar Pinna on art, part 2 of “Survival of the Fittest,” goes on sale Wednesday, January 17th, from Marvel Comics.

From the official issue description:

Survival of the Fittest PART 2! The kids of Generation X are trapped inside the X-Mansion with M-Plate stalking them! Now, without Jubilee, Gen X must defend themselves from the vampire mutant. All this, plus…the return of another original Gen X-er! Who is it? You gotta read to find out!