This Wednesday, Red Hood/Arsenal #7, written by Scott Lobdell with Javier Fernandez on art, hits the newsstands, tying into the Robin War story arc that just kicked off this week! Check out these exclusive preview pages that DC Comics was kind enough to share!

Writer Scott Lobdell proves once again that he has a knack for working with characters who operate a bit outside of normal conventions, as Red Hood, Arsenal, and Red Robin are all members of the DC Universe who occasionally don’t fit in. Lobdell strikes just the right tone with the Red Hood in particular, who, while usually extraordinarily flippant, pulls that inclination back in light of the seriousness of the Robin War looming. Adding to that dourness, Fernandez’s pencils create the right mood of dread appropriate with such raised stakes.

Red Hood/Arsenal #7, a Robin War tie-in and written by Scott Lobdell with Javier Fernandez on art, hits comic shops this Wednesday.

From the official issue description:

A “Robin War” tie-in! The boys are back in Gotham City and tensions are high! As battle lines are drawn, Red Hood and Arsenal will be forced to choose sides-—but will they side with each other? It’s brother versus brother, as the Robin War rages on!

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